Case Study 1:

Anne & Steven are a professional working couple, living in suburban Perth. They have two children, a dog and parents who are still able to help occasionally with the odd last-minute request, however they don’t wish to rely on or take advantage of their retirement.

Life is busy for most of us these days, add in two very demanding careers with often extensive working hours with travel and you can imagine there is not a lot of time to just breathe.

Anne reached out to Finer Details mid 2020 when they were finding that the juggle was becoming at unmanageable, and an extra pair of hands would lighten the load considerably.

Starting off with a general list of immediate pain points we immediately got to work and in no time, they felt their decision to engage assistance had been beneficial.

Since then, we have arranged a myriad of tasks, some recurring others are one of.

We have organised local and international holidays, domestic hotels and hire cars as well as school holiday activities for the kids.

There is the weekly cleaner, gardener, monthly pool clean, annual air conditioning & vehicle services, dental & medical appointments as well as personal grooming and pet care. Anne & Steven get reminders to advise them of the upcoming schedule and all invoices get paid by us, which is another thing taken off their list.

Over the years the face-to-face contact has been the one initial meeting, but there have been phone calls and many many text messages to relay information between us. Their trust in our team is absolute and our commitment to alleviating them from the day to day is the same as day 1.

We build long term relationships with our clients and become part of their support network allowing them to enjoy the life they work hard for.

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