Case Study 3:

Barbara and James own their own successful business and travel frequently for work and pleasure, as their grown families are scattered throughout the country.  With everything going on in their lives, staying on top of home and life admin can be challenging so they decided they needed some help – enter Finer Details (8 years ago)

There have been events, house moves, small renovation projects, endless home maintenance tasks, even assistance with property on the east coast of Australia as our contacts are worldwide.

Having home, mail, and security checks on their home while they are out of town and being the one point of contact should anything arise, gives them peace of mind that they will return to things as they left them and often with a fridge stocked, lights on and some fresh flowers to greet them.

Home checks can be vital, especially during winter with heavy rain and storms. One visit resulted in having to get in some trades as the doors had blown open and the new curtains were blowing in the wind and rain had reached their newly laid wooden floors. Fortunately, we were onsite early and managed to ensure no major damage had occurred.

There have been many decluttering and organising sessions to assist with the mountains of paperwork and possessions collected over the years, as their lifestyle changes and their priories move. Finer Details have been privileged to be their major support for all things home and life.

As with most of our clients there is no need to have regular meetings or catchups and communication is largely through WhatsApp or email.

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