About Us

Helping busy people for over a decade.

Since 2007 Finer Details have been empowering women to lead a lifestyle of their choice; free from chaos, overwhelm and uncertainty. Finer Details have amassed a trusted network of industry professionals who help us deliver a wide range of personal and life changing services, and are continually committed to sharing the benefits of organising and outsourcing.

Finer Details is Perth’s most established lifestyle management service. We make your life easier by simplifying, streamlining and overseeing your to-do list. We handle all the things that have to be done so you can focus on the things you want to do.

We invite you to leave the finer details to us.

We are the solvers of problems and savers of time.

Meet our Founder


Heather Gibson


I truly believe I was born to be in the lifestyle management industry and feel a tinge of disappointment that I didn’t discover it earlier in my working life.

The ability to organise and to create a calm and clutter free environment is ingrained in my DNA, so it is unsurprising I gravitated toward operations and project management type roles in my career.

I have always happily helped friends, family, and colleagues with my knowledge and research in the areas of life admin and home management – it’s a real passion for me. There is nothing l like more than spending time researching and growing my knowledge around topics I love.

I’m proud of my 35 plus years of marriage and being the mother of two sons and four beautiful grandchildren. A busy personal life provides me with awareness of the challenges that juggling all the “things” brings and the impact it can have.

After experiencing burnout, myself, many years ago, I truly understand the need for a support network, however that may look for you.

I have a strong drive to help others and believe that balance in life – between work and home – is essential to good mental and physical health.

After having lived in other parts of the world, I am delighted to call Perth home, while still enjoying the thrill of travel and planning adventures.


From the minute I met Heather Finer Details I felt at ease. She has a warmth about her that makes you feel comfortable and calm.
She understood my needs and was able to proactively offer solutions that suited me and my family perfectly.