Household Services

Help at home

Your home should be your sanctuary, your escape from the world and a place you enjoy spending time. Our household service suite is designed to help you and your family do just this and more. From basic maintenance to full organisation, caring for your furry friends or finding your way around the beautiful city of Perth, we are here to take stress and clutter out of your life so you can save time and money, or even welcome the occasional unexpected visitor without panicking about mess.


As the saying goes, it takes a village and our home maintenance services are some of our most popular. We help you to organise all the different teams that both regularly help to maintain your home and that you only need every now and then; let us schedule cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, grocery shopping, vehicle servicing or window washing.


An organised home is an organised life. Organisation isn’t a destination, it’s a constant journey about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter because sometimes you don’t need more organisation, you need less stuff. Our organisation and decluttering service helps you edit your kitchen cupboards, bathroom drawers or overflowing wardrobe.


We know that your pets are part of your family. In fact, they often run the household! And consequently they have their own set of service needs. From scheduling grooming appointments, managing trips to and from the vet, assisting with vacation care and boarding or simply ensuring they get their daily walk, consider us your pet’s best friend.


We are experts in all things Perth; schools, entertainment, beaches, restaurants, hairdressers, dry cleaners or even a town tour, we are your new go-to for recommendations when you’ve just moved to this fantastic city. We can connect you with all the best local services, direct you to the coolest new bar or help choose the next suburb for your family home.

Completing an overwhelming decluttering, reorganising task in a short time – amazing. The task was too big for us to tackle!