Someone who assists you with all the tasks that relate to running a home and life.

We have been referred to as… The Other Wife, Domestic PA, Personal Concierge, House/Home Manager and Life saver.

The distraction of the dozens of tasks that pop into your head at random moments in the day and night that need to be done, we can take care of most of them!

By engaging a lifestyle manager, you can focus where your attention is needed and best used – career, family and enjoying the life you work so hard for.

The bad news is that time flies, the good news is that you are the pilot – Michael Altshuler

Many of our clients come to us during a major life event – sickness, new job, move, change in relationship, new additions, and deaths.

The feeling of overwhelm when additional tasks are included to an already full plate can cause anxiety and stress, it is no surprise that this an ideal time to outsource.

Who are our clients?

We are not a service just for the rich unlike perception, most are everyday females employed in demanding roles, some are business owners, professional couples, single parents, and sole homeowners.

The common thread is that they understand the value of outsourcing so they can enjoy their free time.  They can relax in the knowledge that there is a reliable and trusted service that they can contact when tasks need taken care of.

Even in the 21st century, the female in most partnerships is still the person who carries the mental load of most things domestic. Social gatherings, gift buying, organising trades and services etc..etc.

We enable those women to “live freer” by supporting them with the mundane day to day.

The trouble is you think you have time – Buddha

What task is most popular?

Home maintenance is the most requested service, sourcing, scheduling and sometimes supervising trades and service providers for installations or repairs.

Small home projects or regular maintenance often involves toing and froing with emails, calls, or texts – we are the one point of contact with a large database of vetted providers.

Our clients receive reminders of regular services to be scheduled – car cleaning, pet grooming, pest control, air conditioner maintenance, tree pruning – you get the idea.

Home organisation is another popular service, giving fresh eyes on a space that you see everyday results in clients saving much needed time and often money, limiting the wasted time looking for lost items and potentially buying double ups when possessions cant be located.

Whether it is giving ideas for DIY or a full reorganise of an area, our service is tailored to the needs of whoever lives in the home. These are just some of the tasks we manage, but over the years the varied requests are as diverse as our clientele.

 How do we work?

For professional organising services, a minimum of 3 hours with 1 or 2 organisers is purchased.

For larger spaces we prefer 2 consultants as it is more time effective.

When assisting our life admin clients, a block of time is secured, and we work in 15-minute increments.  As we are focusing on just their tasks, the results are timely and efficient.

When companies engage our services for their team it results increased focus and productivity as their minds are on the job at hand, not the dozens of things outside of work that need doing.

Want to know more, get in touch and we can have a chat 😊