Imagine you could pause today, stop and take a few deep breaths and take the time to think what the next step will be?

Can you visualise the life you dream of?  A home and life free of clutter, the freedom and time that allows you to spend time with your family and friends – how would that make you feel?

We work with people who are

  • Unwell – sickness can leave you incapacitated or house bound. Our services assist those who need an extra pair of hands to run errands, help with appointments, find trades and services
  • Loss of a loved one – Being able to grieve while so much needs to be done can be overwhelming. We can be the go between and legs on the ground for all those things that need to get done.
  • Moving home or office – This can be an ideal opportunity to declutter. We can also assist with sourcing and supervising trades and services with our extensive database
  • Change in circumstance – new job or baby, change in relationship, parents unwell or another life event that may create imbalance in your day to day. Our team are ready to help where required.

Are you overwhelmed?

Finer Details are transformers of clutter in lives, homes and offices. We help you become and stay organised so you can start to have the life you work so hard for.

Delegation can initially appear challenging or perhaps you feel embarrassed at not being able to manage all that your life dishes out!

The freedom of being able to spend your spare time as you wish is being eroded by mundane tasks that can take double the time to complete due to distractions and interruptions. These errands can be entrusted to us, this is our speciality, let us help you enjoy weekends again.

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