Sounds ludicrous but hear me out!

I used to pride myself on well organised and well stocked cupboards in the kitchen – buying bulk on special and always having a spare. But this year my focus is on ‘having enough’. Because on a day when I was rearranging tins and dried food in my full – but well organised – pantry, I realised even with the best of intentions, I was ending up with out-of-date food and half packets shoved into baskets that were destined for the bin.


I worked hard to get my stock down and now nothing delights me more than free space in cupboards. I can see everything in an instant and I am definitely not going to be wasting anything. I also spend less time cleaning the pantry and my cupboards because it is so much better kept – and I think that saves me a good hour a week for doing something I really enjoy.

It got me thinking about other areas in my home that were filled to the brim just because I had the space. I still like to have a few spare bars of soap and a bottle of shampoo, but I now have a bathroom cabinet which is more empty than full. And my laundry cupboard is the same. 2

The beauty of freeing up space means I have found a home for things that used to hang out in plain sight – no more iron out on the bench, it is tucked away. Cleaning tools and products all live behind closed doors, which makes everything feel so much tidier. No more random bits of paper stuck to the fridge for years on end!

The other upside is that clearing the clutter and creating ‘space’ makes cleaning so much easier – less stuff to move around when vacuuming or dusting surfaces.

I’m not barking mad – there have been several studies which show that clutter affects the brain’s ability to focus and even process information. A clear home makes for a clearer mind and everyone deserves to feel that freedom.

Start small but start somewhere – and experience instant relief when you have your first empty shelf. In this approach, less definitely is best – because having more things can mean more stress! Cut back, streamline what you bring into the home and feel the clarity and freedom it brings.