We often get asked what are the benefits of outsourcing tasks vs DIY.

We feel there are many advantages to outsourcing, but the most obvious is your time.

Time …..something once spent can never be replaced!

We all want bang for our buck and cheapest isn’t always worse nor more expensive better, so how do you know where to go to get the quality and service you want?

DIY vs Outsourcing Options:

  • Referral – family, friends, neighbours
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram
  • Business listing websites – Yelp, True Local, Yellow pages
  • Outsourcing companies – Airtasker, Upwork, Freelancer

Checklist For DIY vs Outsourcing:

  • Checking credentials – ABN, industry tickets, insurance
  • Engagement – scheduling dates, times, pricing, scope of work
  • Communication – cancellations, easy to contact, response time
  • Testimonials and reviews – how do we clarify authenticity?
  • Experience – have they knowledge & proficiency in similar jobs
  • Customer service – after sales support

The alternative is that you can outsource to a service that does all of the above for you, saving you valuable time and energy.

Your objections to outsourcing

  1. The service is too expensive: You are paying not just for the service but for the knowledge and years of experience. A good quality service will have extensive database of trusted service providers ensuring requests are handled promptly. A detailed service history of prior tasks for follow ups and reminders so you have less to think about. Records will also include lifestyle preferences, to enable the providers to manage your tasks with the least disruptive experience.
  2. Why would I pay someone to do the things I can do myself: Your tasks are still not being completed, other commitments are taking priority over your time The jobs undone are still mind clutter which impacts work and relaxation, sometimes causing stress and overwhelm.
  3. My tasks are too complicated, it’s easier to do it myself: Compiling a detailed brief doesn’t take as long as you may assume, the tasks appear larger because they are clutter in your mind with the multitude of other thoughts. Once they are delegated you will be surprised at how freeing the process is.

Have you ever sat down and calculated the cost of you to doing all the “life admin” – what else could you be doing?

Time Is Precious So Waste It Wisely

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