Spring Clean with the Marie Kondo method of decluttering and it may be a bit overwhelming for you.  Often the volume of possessions are not realised until they are all put in one place and this can create a sense of anxiety and dread if attempting this task alone.

We don’t remember how it happens but….before we know it the rooms the cupboards, the drawers and shelves are full, it’s as if it multiplies once we close the doors.  Well that’s what we tell ourselves.

We add sheds, attic space, more cupboards, plastic tubs anything we can find to house the variety of items we feel we need or keep just in case!

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions” : – Barbara Hemphill

Let’s get organised a bit at a time.

So where and what Is your weakness?

Are you a collector of greeting cards, unwanted, gifts, crafts & hobbies, sports equipment, cooking utensils, books, clothing or all of the above?
While you have the opportunity this may be the time to take action and clear the clutter.

A quote from the movie Fight Club’s Tyler Durden was right: “the things you own end up owning you

  1. Start small

  • Starting with a small area to begin, stops overwhelm and gives you the sense of satisfaction once the task is completed. Tackling a drawer, small cupboard or box and see how you go. Taking notes of any distractions that come up.
  1. Sort into categories

  • Sort the contents into categories, let’s say you have decided on your junk drawer. You may have batteries, candles, matches, keys, receipts, manuals etc.  By grouping items together you get a sense of how much space they will need and it may highlight that you have similar items in other areas of your home. Where do you store your stationary, light bulbs or small tools, could the batteries go in one of those areas? Candles, could they go with party or entertaining items? Are you getting the idea?
  1. Use containers

  • Whether its an old mobile phone box, packet from the pantry or old plastic containers, having something to house each category enables you to keep it organised and also aids others who live in the space to know where things belong. Rule of thumb is not to purchase any containers until the decluttering and organising is complete, as you may purchase something just for its appearance rather than its actual use and suitability.

Carry this process on throughout your home and yes you may have to tweak where you have decided to place some things but that is just the way it goes. Unless you are going to do the whole home at once there is no getting past this.
Don’t justify keeping items that you don’t love or have no purpose in your life
Remove donate and bin items as quickly as possible so they don’t creep back into your home.
Scott Pape the Barefoot Investor says “it is time to liberate ourselves from the excess and by unclogging your life it will give you a huge return in mental clarity”

Life is about experiences and relationships not about stuff – it is time to let it go