As adults it is estimated we make more than 35,000 decisions a day, the ease at which they are made has no bearing on the fact that in our lifetime, we lament over 140,000 of those choices. Looking back I feel my total may be quite a bit higher :-)

Many decisions are low level and are on automatic, like turning off the alarm, which tap to turn on first in the shower and the personal care process.

Gradually the thought required increases, what to wear, what to eat, have I got everything I need for my day?

Once at our place of work the depth of decisions can go into overdrive where we have impact on others, finance, long term business and our own place in the working world.

Unsurprisingly once home we feel exhaustion and may find ourselves staring blankly into the fridge having no idea on what to do next, regardless of its contents.

Actions that may have once required little or no prior thought or planning now take time and more mental bandwidth, due to the added layers and increased  complexity of our modern lives, it is not surprising that “decision fatigue” is no longer an uncommon condition.

Decision fatigue is mental energy depletion that sets in after making a series of decisions in a fixed time


Tips for reducing fatigue:

  • Delegate decisions that don’t need to be made by you
  • Does the outcome need to be decided now / today?
  • When possible, make big decisions earlier in the day when your energy is higher
  • Have regular breaks to replenish your brain
  • Good hydration and healthy food intake increase higher-level cognition
  • Discuss with others – share the load

 “Having fewer tasks and activities will lead to fewer decisions and help you to feel restored and have more control over your life.” source AMA