Why am I procrastinating at decluttering?

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Why am I procrastinating at decluttering?
Whenever we meet people and tell them what we do, we always get comments on how much they, a family member or friend needs us! This doesn’t necessarily result in them contacting us – why?

The reasons can be many but here are a few that are the most common:

1. Many are embarrassed at their situation and don’t want others to see it, specifically a professional who they wrongly think may judge them.  It is not our place to judge your situation or how you came to where you are at, we want to understand so we can help you move forward to a more organised home and life.

2. “I can do it myself, why pay someone else” –  reality is, if you could you would have by now. Having a professional guide you can be invaluable, you won’t have time to get distracted and the result will see a lot more done in a shorter time. We suggest tips and products that may help your individual situation as well as prompt you to think about the stuff in your life. Never do we tell or instruct you to get rid of your possessions, that is always the choice of the client.

3. Other priorities for my $$ – clients are amazed at the positive changes after a decluttering session. Time and money otherwise wasted looking for things or used buying double ups. Clearing clutter assists in clearing the mind and help focus on more important things.

Decluttering is not just a one-time thing. Staying on top of the things that come into your home and life will ensure that it doesn’t become an overwhelming task that is put on the back burner again. Being conscious of needs and wants and using simple rules like one in one out. Saying no when others try to gift you items you don’t want or need all help the process.
Little and often is the key 😊

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