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The bedroom is a common place for clutter to gather, out of sight of visitors and other family members and the wardrobe organiser is one of our most sought after services.

We have completed countless wardrobe declutters over the last 10+ years and have written articles and been featured on TV and various radio programs where we have shared our knowledge.

Our expertise has enabled us to have created a system that works both for us and our clients, not only for this area of the home but for most other areas as well.

  •  Have a drink and snack handy so you are not tempted to stray mid organisation
  • Put a timer on to give yourself a small break midway, time your break as well so as not to start other tasks.
  • Remove all your clothes and accessories from the wardrobe and group into categories as you go, pants, shirts, dresses etc.
  • Once in categories, filter one group at a time further, by keep, donate, bin or mend.
  • Have a maybe pile and return to it at the end, putting some thought into whether it deserves some prime real estate in your wardrobe.
  • We suggest using thin flocked hangers for a uniformed look and space saving solution.
  • Pocket organisers are also great for flat shoes, scarves, belts, camisoles, tights and other smaller categories.
  • Use the one in one out rule – new shoes in, take an older pair out – this keeps your wardrobe in a more manageable condition.
  • Checking your phone and wandering off to do other things will not get the job done, if you cannot commit to finishing it in one day, its best to schedule on a day and time when you can.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions either via phone, email or on our social media pages.

Happy sorting

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