I have been organising for so long I forget that many others aren’t aware of the simple tips, tricks and rules to help reduce the clutter and live more intentionally.

So let me introduce you some of the suggestions we offer our clients to keep on top of excess in their wardrobes

Hanging items:

  • Turn all your coat hangers so the hook is facing towards you. When you wear an item of clothing replace the hanger the right way (hook facing in). After 12 months you will see all the items you are not wearing and be able to make a clear decision on whether they deserve to take up the valuable real estate in your wardrobe.
  • Colour coordinate your clothing and ideally in categories (dresses, shirts, pants). If you can go one step further and organise in length of sleeve, leg, hem. You will then be able to see at a quick glance what you have and when you are out shopping the visual of what is in your wardrobe should be a lot clearer, making the decision on if you really do need another white tee so much easier.


  • If you are using storage containers in your wardrobe, label them clearly so the contents are not forgotten and unworn. Try never to push anything to the back or put-on high shelves that are difficult to access, unless it is out of season and you are religious at recycling as the changes in weather occur. Having deep shelves can be a trap so using the back for winter clothes during summer and vice versa is a great option of not loosing track of what you own.

When space permits, having a couple of small containers in the wardrobe area for items that need mending, one for items past their use and one for donations is a great system that will keep you in check. Many struggle with wardrobe space so if this system doesn’t suit you then another option is having them in the laundry as that is often when we see items that need attention or disposal.

Alternatively, a quick 10-15 minute edit of your wardrobe every couple of months will have you as organised as Peter Walsh.

For a more details on how to organise your wardrobe, read our previous blog

Our motto is “little and often” to keep the clutter down in your home and life.