With many escaping the impending winter blues and heading to the northern hemisphere, all things travel is a hot topic.  So, my question is….

Have you experienced the freedom of traveling with only carry on?

I can feel the anxiety rise as you read on, how on earth are you going to go to Europe with just 7-10kgs including toiletries!!

Admittedly my experience is limited to 2-3 week trips, however one of those was a New Zealand winter and I don’t think there would be many changes for longer timeframes, especially if you are moving around.

I can absolutely recommend at the very least trying it once to feel the ease of packing, unpacking, choosing what to wear and ooh the transport aspect is a breeze! You will be out of that airport and in your car before the other travellers have even found the right carousel.

The memories of dragging a 20kg+ suitcase around the streets of Venice still haunts me.

So, if you want to get more time out of your holiday and not be consumed by all the stuff, read on.

Luggage: first things first, ensure much of the weight isn’t in your suitcase. Mine is a 1.9kg Appelite, however I am sure there are even better versions out there now.

Packing cubes: these are a dream for containing, unpacking and packing. I would suggest getting good quality straight away as the cheaper ones zips often don’t last the distance with all that zipping and unzipping.

Clothing: be realistic, have you ever worn everything you have taken? Consider what items have more weight, 1 pair of denim shorts could equal 2/3 linen pairs. Layer, that way you will have more flexibility in your outfits. Keeping to a monochrome colour scheme will help, and that is just not black and white. A quick google or Pinterest search will give you plenty of ideas.

Toiletries: this is a no brainer – decant. Most accommodation places have complimentary items for use if you need to use them and we all know that you won’t need that 200ml shampoo bottle or 50g of face cream for a 3–4-week trip. I also pack these in my tote and not my suitcase to ease of airport check-in process.

Tech: If you really need to take a laptop then so be it, again this goes in your tote, not your suitcase. Get a universal plug if moving around and limit cables and cords where possible. Be mindful of logging in when you are overseas – security is even more important these days.

Travel Outfit: a good way to cram a few extra pieces into your travel wardrobe is wear them when travelling. Layering your outfit gives you flexibility when the temperature changes mid-transit and, it also increases your options for holiday wear.

If it all seems a bit much and you can’t stick to the weight requirements, then try travelling with a carry-on bag and checking it in as luggage. That will give you an indication of what you really need and use for the next trip.

Should you have any tips to share, we

**Please check the airline policy for the carrier you are on as many have varying requirements and limitations.