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Louise House, styling consultant from House Matters is sharing top home styling tips.

Whether you are styling to sell your home or just want to joosh up the space a little, Louise has happily answered our questions to get you on your way.

How much do colours play in styling a home or a room?

Colours are really important, I will focus on people who are living in their house permanently and not getting ready for selling as they are two different situations.

We all react differently to colours and colours are really important in the way they affect our emotions. You need to live with colours that make you feel good.

There are no rules about colour, no wrong, no right but if the colours don’t make you feel good in a room then it’s not the right colour for you.

Some people like a lot less colour in their life and that’s okay don’t feel guilty if you’re a bit of a colour phobe there’s other ways to bring interest into a room other than colour.

For example, a beautiful neutral palette in your home is very soothing, very easy to live with. You could bring interest into the room with lots of texture:

  • cushions on the sofa that have texture in them
  • a tone on tone pattern rug without putting too much colour in.
  • a splash of colour in your artwork

When you see a picture of a house and it’s all white, it can feel stark and a little bit cold if there is no colour. The trick there is to choose warm neutrals.  For example, whites that have a blue undertone can feel a little bit cold, so you might need to move to whites that have a warmer undertone to them.

But my main tip for neutral pallets is to bring in lots of texture.

Are there any don’ts that you can think of when styling a room or a home?

One of the things that brings a beautiful feel to a home is a really good flow through the property from room to room.

Don’t block the entry to a room with furniture.  For example with the entry to your main living space try to avoid walking in and looking at the back of a sofa.  This will cut the room into 2 and it will make the room feel smaller and interrupts the flow into that room.

If you think of your own home, are there any rooms that upon entry you have to side step past a piece of furniture? Try and have a rethink of the furniture layout in that room.

Also don’t feel the need to fill every corner with furniture or if you have a blank wall feel the need to put a piece of furniture against that wall.

My tip for a really nice balanced room is to have one to two focal points in the room and no more.

A focal point is something that draws the eye. For example in a living room a fireplace might be one focal point and some French doors to the outside might be the second focal point.

If you keep to just two the eye has somewhere to rest.  If we have too many focal points in a room the eye doesn’t know where to go and it doesn’t know where to rest and it can feel very busy.

For artwork, I feel a couple of pieces in a room is usually sufficient to bring in that colour we were talking about before and to create a focal point.

With people having busy lives you don’t want to come home and feel busy again.  Different people react differently, but for me coming home to a room that’s very calm and uncluttered helps me to relax.

Money is often an issue what are cost effective tips that people can use?

These days we are so lucky with homewares and accessories because there are so many suppliers that are producing beautiful things at very inexpensive cost.

Don’t be afraid to visit the budget stores if you have a tight budget and you want to redecorate a room.  It’s not like the old days, if you haven’t been to a budget store recently you will find that the range of things that are available and the style is just amazing.

Lastly do you have any specific tips related to clutter like excess furniture?

 Once you have gone through the decluttering process look at what you have left and really have a think about how many storage pieces you need in your home.

Bedrooms for example; if you have a walk in wardrobe or a built in wardrobe try and use that to store your clothes rather than have multiple additional pieces of free standing furniture which are really just cluttering up the space.

If you want to keep a nice open feel and have built in storage, try and stick to a bed and bedside tables and then allow yourself one other piece of furniture.  It could be a beautiful chair in the corner or if you need it, a chest of drawers or a console table or something to that effect.  Try and avoid having free standing furniture on every wall,  that you may have to side step to get to your bed, or get out of your room.

Hence butting toes in the middle of the night if you have to get up!

If you have any other questions, just comment below and we will ask Louise for you.

Here’s to having a  more relaxed and peaceful environment to live in

Heather and Sara

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