Top 5 Tips For A More Organised School Year

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Glenn Hartas from LAFM chats to Professional Organiser, Heather Gibson about having an organised school year.

It’s not long before chaos in homes’ reigns again as the new school year begins.  Having a bit of structure ensures a smoother week when dealing with the little people in your life.

For an organised school year, Heather has 5 tips for maintaining some order amongst the mayhem:

  1. Have a chores list – regardless of age everyone can do something, the secret is not to make it too complicated or long winded.  Even the youngest members of the family can help, make it quick and easy for them to complete.
  2. Create a drop zone – this is where all hats, bags, shoes, etc are left. For a more productive station add hooks and clips for notes. By making it easily visible things are less likely to get lost and are easier to find.
  3. Have a small container for each child – quite often tidying up becomes the last port of call each day for parents. If you put all your children’s stuff in individual containers, then it can still be the child’s  job to put things away without having to wait for areas to be cleared.
  4. Friday is bag cleanout day – this alleviates the issues with uneaten food and misplaced notes. Often there are some fairly nasty things at the bottom of school bags so if you make it a regular occurrence you can stay on top of it all.
  5. Colour code everything –At a younger age children are more visual.  Having an allocated colour for each child eliminates arguments and makes items easy to locate at a glance for each child.

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Heather and Sara

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