Talking Lifestyle: The Rise of the Storage Unit

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The simple storage unit can be a great short-term solution while the house is up for sale, during a home renovation or a sea-change.

They are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Professional organiser Heather Gibson from Finer Details joined Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris for a chat about whether storage units are efficient or just a hoarder’s dream.

But for some, it becomes a permanent fixture and is used to store all the excess clutter in their lives – the things we think we will need in the future, or are too good to give away and or that we don’t have time to sell.

If family and friends find out you have extra space, you may even end up with their surplus stuff as well.

We have heard stories of men using them to store ‘boy’s-toys’ like jet-skis, motorcycles and hot rod that their partner isn’t even aware of. So, are storage units healthy or a hoarder’s delight?

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