The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect, refresh and enjoy family time. Here are 5 proven tips to help you enjoy the festivities of the season without the stress!

  1. Keep it simple

We’ve all been there before… we’ve dog-eared magazine pages, saved Pinterest links, saved Instagram posts etc. as we pull together ideas for our perfect Christmas celebration. Whilst we all strive to have the perfect family get-together, it’s more important to enjoy each other’s company than stress about the catering or decorating.

We recommend you give yourself the freedom to embrace simplicity! By keeping things simple, you will be able to enjoy the little things and those that are most special to you, helping create a stress-free holiday season.

  1. Stick to a budget

It’s lovely to spoil loved one, and show them how much we love them, but don’t put yourself into debt or financial stress doing so. Set a realistic budget that outlines what you can afford while maintaining other household expenses (like electricity bills, groceries etc).

We recommend buying more sentimental gifts than super expensive ones. As the saying goes “it’s the thought that counts”.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for someone, why not give them the gift of freedom? By purchasing a Finer Details Gift Card you can give someone the most precious gift ever – the gift of time and freedom!

  1. Get the family involved

There’s so much pressure on parents (and let’s face it, often mums!) to create perfect memories and special moments for their children during the holiday season. To help remove stress we recommend getting the family involved. Pop some Christmas carols on, make some popcorn and get the kids involved in decorating the tree and house. Also, don’t forget to make a deal with them that they need to pack it down after the holidays!

  1. Shop online

The shops are a nightmare during the holiday season! Write a list of what you need to get, and then go through and buy as much as you can online. If you know you won’t be home to collect packages from your friendly postie, contact us and we can work on the best solution for your deliveries.

  1. Delegate and outsource

Not everything needs to be done by you. Know what you’re good at and what you enjoy, and delegate and outsource the rest. Finer Details has a range of household services and personal concierge services that will help you create a stress-free holiday season.