Spring Cleaning Guide

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Spring cleaning is a great chance to get ready for the festive season and to declutter and organise your home. Removing items no longer used and wanted can free up a large amount of space making your home easier to manage and locate the things you use often.

Plan of attack:

  • Pick one area at a time
  • Make sure you have everything you need before you start
    • Boxes/bags for donations
    • Rubbish bins nearby
    • Drink and food handy for stamina
    • Turn off phone as distractions take you off task
  • Give yourself an allotted time to complete the task
  • Ensure you have an empty boot to take donations directly to the charity shop

Decluttering and organising can be undertaken by the whole family, getting everyone involved gets them more invested in keeping things in their place and not overstocking areas so they are hard to manage.

When you have an organised home and life, it gives you the time and freedom to do more enjoyable things.

We were asked by My Deal to write a few tips for their recent blog ” Your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide“.

Read our suggestions and those of other decluttering and organising experts to help you get started on your journey so you are prepared for the coming festive season and New Year.

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