Talking Lifestyle: Six Top Tell-Tale Signs it’s Time to Declutter

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Tim Webster and Dee Dee Dunleavy from Talking Lifestyle Radio receive the six top tell-tale signs its time to declutter your home  from Heather Gibson.

Most homes have some form of clutter, but for some people clutter becomes overwhelming and can being to impact their quality of life.

So what are six tell-tale signs it’s time to take action on clutter?

1. When you are constantly wasting time looking for lost items;

2. When you are purchasing items you already own but  are unable to locate;

3. You are embarrassed to have friends and family come to visit, especially unexpectedly;

4. Furniture items are being used for storage and not for the use they are intended for eg. not able to use dining table;

5. Memorabilia like travel souvenirs, is stored in volume but is never referred to or displayed.

6. You have brand new items in your wardrobe or cupboards that have never been worn or used.

Little and often is the secret to keeping your clutter under control. There is no need to schedule a whole weekend or day to attack the problem as it can appear overwhelming.

Start with a small space at a time, a drawer, flat surface or a box. Complete the task and give yourself credit for taking control.

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