Virtual Decluttering

$55.00 inc GST

This is the perfect solution for anyone wanting guidance on how to get organised on your own.

Chat to us via Skype or Facetime and we will show you the steps.



The thought of letting someone in to view your space makes you uncomfortable but you know you need to make a start!

Finer Details have an affordable non-invasive solution to help kick-start your journey.

A Facetime or Skype consult where you get to control exactly how much or how little we see.

During our 30 minute chat we will provide you with some tips and offer suggestions on how  you can move forward.

Any additional time required can be purchased at $25 + GST per 15 minutes.

Case Studies

Wardrobe Mayhem

Every time Dianne gets dressed she is reminded her wardrobe needs re-organising.

Her frustration increased trying to find items that she knew she owned.  Dianne had partially given up and was throwing things on the floor, adding to the overwhelm.

Determined to get the job done and not knowing where to begin, she purchases a 30 minute Virtual Decluttering Session.  Dianne came away with the knowledge of  how to tackle the job and fresh organising ideas.

Spare Room Chaos

Firmly closing the spare room door, Alison hopes none of her guests will accidentally discover her embarrassingly cluttered room.

It’s become a dumping ground, the place to throw anything that doesn’t have a home.

It’s a project that has been started many times but after an hour or two, the area looks worse and Alison gives up in despair.

With the tools she learnt through her Virtual Decluttering session Alison gained back control and was able to remain focused to clear the room.

Garage Overloaded

Unable to park the car in the garage Jo is concerned her car will get broken into again.  But looking at the mess that has accumulated there she is at a loss on where to start.

Jo is feeling overwhelmed.  She needs the job done.  But the option of hiring a professional Organiser is out of her budget.

30 minutes later, Jo is feeling calmer.  She was able to show the area to her Finer Details Consultant using Skype and now knows exactly what she needs to do.

Paperwork Piles

The Accountant has sent another reminder to Wendy to forward documents.

Looking at the piles and piles of paperwork surrounding her she vows that this is the last time she will waste hours of her time.  It’s time to get organised!

But the room is in chaos and Wendy is unsure as to what systems to put in place so that this doesn’t happen again.

After her Virtual Decluttering session Jo confidently set about the task of organising her office.  Now all incoming paperwork are dealt with and her filing is up to date.

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