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Is life perfectly imperfect, a bit chaotic or overwhelmingly out of control?
“If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got”
Now is the time to make that change! We specialise in helping you regain control of the things that impact your enjoyment of the leisure time you have
• Lifestyle management
• Errands and home maintenance
• Reduced clutter
• Paper systems
In the 30-minute consultation we will chat about our services, how we work and what alterations you want to see in your life.
Book a one on one consultation with a Finer Details consultant now and together we can plan to get you there

Case Studies

Working Long Hours

Kym is a professional single women whose role involves a lot of social functions and she works long hours. Our regular pick up of dry cleaning and shoe repairs means she always has a wardrobe that is good to go

It is often the little things that can consume time and thoughts but Kym has found a solution that frees her to focus on the big picture stuff.

Loss Of A Loved One

As a single mum and with a recently deceased parent Alison found the clutter she had ended up with had become overwhelming.

She had thought by storing items for friends and family she was being helpful and coupled with her inability to let go of her mothers possessions the issue of space was becoming a dilemma.

With the tools she has learnt from Finer Details Alison has reduced her clutter to a more manageable level and feels an enormous weight has been lifted.


A home renovation can be the perfect time to take stock of your belongings, as Tracy recently discovered.

It is easy to keep the status quo while living day to day but when you need to touch each piece to pack it all away for work to commence it’s a good chance to assess why it is taking up precious real estate in your home.

There were many ah ha moments during the process, so now with the renovation complete and home decluttered Tracy no longer has a chaotic living space but a relaxed and organised home.


Barbara’s husband had a stroke and although still able to work in his business he needs additional assistance with day to day tasks

They travel often so Barbara finds little time for the upkeep on their home. Finer Details arrange gardening, window, carpet and home cleaning on a regular basis while they are away so it doesn’t interfere with weekly schedules.

A quick text or call to us allows Barbara to concentrate on her family and alleviates the stress of having to do it all on her own.


  • Thank you Sara, for the help, encouragement, support, positive feedback, reinforcement, belief in me that I could do this I am so utterly grateful, words can not express my gratitude and no scale could measure the difference you have made in my life.

    Colleen Aged Care Nurse
  • Our home was screaming “De-clutter” and granted you might feel uneasy allowing someone else to view your problem spots, but Heather assesses the situation and will show you how its done in her friendly, happy manner and will offer her suggestions and encouragement to keep you on track. Heather also had an uncanny knack of putting myself and my husband at ease and helped remove the stress that comes with these types of situations. Don’t hesitate to seek her help with whatever irksome task you need done, she truly is a Godsend. Thank you Heather.

    Mr & Mrs. B, Carramar
  • Sara and Heather, I cannot believe what we achieved today! This year I have been doing my planning at the kitchen table, as I couldn't think straight in the study the way it was. I was also spending (wasting!) time hunting time for resources that I knew I had but couldn't find. Now I have my benches ( and sanity!!) back - and everything has a place, including all that paper!!! Many thanks, ladies, I would highly recommend your services.

    Sonya Manners Teacher

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