In a world full of chaos and uncertainty Sara and Heather bring calm and organisation to the lives and homes of their clients.

Their individual talents gained over many years make them a dynamic duo. An extensive database of trusted service providers ensure clients’ requests and needs are met promptly.

Having already assisted many overworked and time poor clients they are committed to growing the awareness and benefits in having your own Personal Concierge

Finer Details Concierge and Organising Services has been helping busy people since 2007.

About Heather

Born: Scotland
Family status: Wife, Mother (2 adult sons), grandmother to one delightful grandson

Favourite pet and why – Childhood Heinz dog “Moochie” walked into our yard one day and stayed. He got me over my fear of dogs

Best life advice received – “When people show you who they are believe them the first time”

Favourite holiday destination – Estonia where my eldest son lives (2nd is Italy)

Most unusual job – Driving around a lawn mowing contractor who had lost his licence

Biggest risk taken – Going into business the first time

Burning desire – Live overseas for 3 months of the year

Most embarrassing moment – Oh so many…. Spraying our whole garden with Weed and Feed (twice) before my son’s home-based wedding would probably top the list

My happy place is: The beach and time with my grandson

What scares me: heights, spiders and confined spaces

Best gift received: Massage, facials and weekends away

Worst gift received: A large shell picture with a red felt background (it was a wedding gift)

Best work-related skills Heather has an innate skill that enables her to contextualise and improve room functionality.  With an eye for detail, Heather’s research skills are second to none.
Through a desire to help others, Heather generously shares insights and connects individuals, building strong lasting relationships.

About Sara

Born: UK
Family status: Partner, sister, Aunt, mother of fur babies

Favourite pet and why – All my fur babies past and present!

Best life advice received – “You only live once”

Favourite holiday destination – Places where I can immerse myself in different cultures and beauty

Most unusual job – Recovering nearly $10,000 for a bereft family, unusual because our clients were convinced they had found all the money on the property!

Biggest risk taken – moving to Australia with $100 and not knowing anyone

Burning desire – Travel Australia and the world

Most embarrassing moment – “you know how you say I’m always changing my mind…” I was 25, flying to the US with my mum after persuading her to come on holiday as I moved to the US.  The change of mind…a gut feeling mid-air to move to Australia.

My happy place is: Spending time with family and friends; travelling

What scares me: heights, public speaking

Best gift received: A donation to support a rescue horse for a year

Worst gift received: Lol, I can’t remember as they would have been donated

Best work-related skills Sara has a genuine empathy for our clients and her ability to guide their decision making with pivotal questions without being intrusive helps maximise their results.
Process orientated Sara is a whizz at implementing our systems, so we can streamline our business.

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Our Values

As Perth’s leading concierge and organising service, we inspire and empower women to have the lifestyle they want.

Lead by Example

We set positive examples and invest in others so that they can follow the guidelines of leadership.

Deliver on our promises

Honesty and integrity are our priority when dealing with our team, clients and services.

Leave a positive and lasting impression

Our motivation is improving the quality of your life and home.

Enjoy the journey

Loving what we do is the inspiration, meeting new people is the joy and celebrating the wins is the cream.

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