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A few months ago I blogged about organising and revitalising my wardrobe with the help of my amazing image consultant Alba Gomez.  Following on from that blog, here are some additional organising tips on de-cluttering and organising your wardrobe from a professional wardrobe organiser.

De-cluttering Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe OrganiserHave a look at what you are keeping and consider whether:

the clothes are too big, too small, need to be fixed, were expensive or impulse purchases that you don’t wear but don’t want to get rid of because it’s brand new or because of the price, you keep because even though you haven’t worn it, you might wear it one day or that you keep purely for their sentimental value.

This is where you really need to make decisions about what to keep and where Alba Gomez came in for me.  She was able to show me what suited me and what didn’t, explaining why, as well as give me hints on different ways of wearing the items I already had.

Alternatively, if you still struggle to decide what you want  to keep– there are ways for deciding what to keep:

  1. The first is to  put all the hangers facing the wrong way, as you wear something, when you return it to the wardrobe, you turn the hanger the right way.  At the end of the season, take out all the clothes that weren’t worn and really consider why you are keeping them?  I recommend doing this, only if you can be disiplined in religiously placing the hangers to face the same way (consider writing a reminder and placing it somewhere you can see it).
  2. The second suggestion is only for people with a spare unused wardrobe.  put all your clothes in the spare wardrobe and as you wear items, you return them back into your own wardrobe.  At the end of the season, take out all the clothes that weren’t worn and really consider why you are keeping them?
  3. The third suggestion is to put clothes you are really undecided on in a container and label with todays date and what the contents are.  Put a reminder in your calendar for six months or one year (depending on which season the clothes are for) from that date.  If you ever need or want to wear one of the items,  once they have been worn, place them back into your wardrobe.  When the reminder comes around, whatever clothes are left in the container – really consider why you are keeping them?  You can use this system for any undecided items you might have elsewhere in the house.

Organising Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe OrganisersAs a wardrobe organiser, when looking at organising your wardrobe, I would recommend hanging clothes in categories.  Think about what categories would work for you.  One suggestion is to have categories like work clothes, casual clothes, evening wear and then keeping all trousers, skirts, shirts, jumpers together within those categories.  Another suggestion is to just have your trousers, skirts, shirts, jumpers etc as the categories.  I recommend organising each category by colour and separating short and long sleeved shirts.

When looking at where to store each category, have your most often used items where you can see them.  Use the back and sides of the wardrobe for items that you don’t wear very often.

Don’t forget about the valuable space found on the back of your wardrobe doors. Instead of letting it go to waste, here are a few suggestions:

Wardrobe Organisers

Use over the door organisers to store shoes, jewellery or other items small items you need to access frequentlyUse hooks (we normally use 3M hooks) to hang awkward or frequently used items

Wardrobe Organiser Services

Is the task of re-organising your wardrobe just a little too daunting? Or perhaps you are simply too busy like many of us…

Finer Details offers personal organiser services, including wardrobe organiser services. Get in touch today to see how we can help de-clutter and reorganise your wardrobe and other parts of your home or business.

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