Last minute Christmas gifts

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With only 5 more sleeps until the big guy arrives are you feeling a bit overwhelmed that you haven’t completed or even started your Christmas shopping?

Fear not as there are many thoughtful last minute Christmas gifts you can give without leaving your lounge room or office.

Some of our top tips for last minute Christmas gifts ?

  • An Uber voucher – nearly everyone has used the service at one point or other and its a great gift for most adults
  • Pre-pay for services – you know where they get their hair done, car serviced etc – call and per-pay for the next time they visit
  • Gift for the time poor – pay for a cleaner to give the house a spruce up, a meal delivery service for a week or a voucher for a meal out at a nice restaurant
  • Donate to a charity on their behalf – 100WomenLion Heart Camp for KidsKiva , World Vision   or the plethora of other charities that there are to choose from that may relate specifically to their life
  • IOU a date – a meal, movie, kayak up the river, something where you can catch up and spend time with them.  The secret is to lock in a date and not to cancel. This is an ideal one for children as well
  • Event tickets – something coming up in the next year is great as the gift is enjoyed when received and then again when the event happens.  Sporting tickets, musicals, concerts, plays the list is endless.  Put the date in your calendar a month or so out so you can remind them in case they forget.
  • Travel voucher or weekend getaway – this can be for your partner so you both get to enjoy the gift and the time spent away

Whatever you choose, please do not buy for the sake of buying. Think about the recipient what do they really spend their time doing ?  Is what you are buying going to make life easier or give them some enjoyment?

Some of our most disliked gifts are:

  • Store gift baskets – they are full of packaging and products that most do not use
  • Toys with lots of small pieces for young children – unless you are gifting to a super organised child chances are before the day is out there will be pieces missing
  • Gifts with more packaging than content
  • Another electrical appliance – cupboards are full of them and most often not used regularly

We wish you and your family well with a safe and happy Festive Season and remember the best gift of all is time – spend it wisely

Heather & Sara x

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  • Colin

    Awesome ideas guys. I like the one about giving a ‘IOU-ADate’

  • Sara Hall

    Thanks Colin, with life being so busy an ‘IOU-ADate’ is ideal 🙂

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