9 simple ideas for keeping your living space well organised

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How to keeping your living space well organised!

There are so many tasks that need doing around the home and it seems that you get to the end of one list and another appears. They may not be big jobs and it is usually the  fiddly ones that are time consuming and get left till last (sometimes never).

With everyone being so busy,  finding time and quite often the inclination to do home maintenance can be difficult.

So what is the solution?

Well if you are a bit strapped for cash and can’t afford to hire someone to do the tasks for you but have an unused bedroom in your house,  your problem may be solved!

The Room Xchange is the brain child of Ludwina Dautovic  and is growing in popularity across Australia.

How does it work?

The Room Xchange is an online platform that connects busy, time poor Hosts with Guests who provide two hours of help around the house each day in Xchange for food and accommodation. The value to the Host is the personal time they gain back. The value to the Guest is they massively reduce their cost of living.”

The benefits of such an arrangement can be a welcome relief to many. Perhaps you are on your own and would like some company or you are not wanting to downsize yet but the management of your home is beyond your capabilities. A recent illness could see you less able than usual, or you love the thought of meeting new and interesting people that may be outside the scope of your usual network.

Whatever the reason, The Room Xchange is a great idea for getting those jobs around the house completed and giving you a bit more free time to peruse the thing that you enjoy.

We recently wrote a blog on 9 simple ideas for keeping your living space well organised for The Room Xchange and their readers if you want some practical and easy tips.

Alternatively if you need some physical assistance the team at Finer Details are your Concierge and Organiser professionals.


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