How to store memories of your life

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How to store memories of your life and that of your children and possibly parents is a dilemma that creates anxiety among many.
You only have so much space inside your home and there is so much you want to store for the life you are living let alone stuff from lives in the past.

Some questions to ask yourself and that of your family:

  • Who will want this when I can no longer store it?
  • What are you willing to remove to make room for it?
  • Is there another way we can hold the memory without the physical item?
  • Is keeping this memory our responsibility?

Often, we feel like part of the persons life or how they will be thought of is attached to stuff, when it is more likely to be associated with a sense – like the smell of a scent, a visit to a familiar place, a song or seeing an image that reminds you of happy times.

Sell or donate items that you no longer have room for so that others may find some enjoyment from them. You are not removing the memory just a physical reminder .

Stuffing things in a box and storing in garages, sheds or attics doesn’t serve any purpose. Displaying loved one’s possession around your home is a much better way to honour the memory or take a photo and show as wall art. As for children’s artwork, school folders, birthday cards etc make clear rules on what is stored and how.

Scanning onto a digital storage device is a lot more economical and space friendly that dozens of boxes that are never touched.

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