How to manage the maintenance of life?

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The year flies by with forgotten birthdays, missed events and upkeep on home and self, sadly lacking.  How do you keep on top of it all without getting to December and feel like you have failed with the maintenance of life?

In this digital age,  many would suggest a smartphone or similar for keeping track of life’s events – entering data at the start of every year, as occasions come up  or for recurring events for weekly, monthly or quarterly action.

But…what if that reminder pops up at an inconvenient time, do you reschedule, snooze or just ignore and that is where the issue of the digital calendar loses its effectiveness?

The possibility of leaving or losing your device somewhere leaves you in panic not able to remember or access your appointments and reminders unless you have synced with other tools you have access to!

Perhaps the positives for some outweigh the potential negatives, easy to transport, quick view, reminders and invitations are all done with simplicity.

A physical calendar is lovely to look at, each month displaying a new image, perhaps of family, holidays or things that just bring a smile to your face. Once you’ve looked at it, does the memory of the task remain or does it get lost in the abyss of your other tasks as your role of business owner, employee, wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend?

Another option is a physical diary, many would think this method old school but there is something about writing things down on paper, that I feel cements it a little more in the brain. The other advantage is that it is portable like the smartphone and easily amended. The downside is that it too can  be lost of misplaced.

A blend of both worlds may be a compromise – a device that you can write on like a diary, notepad or calendar and that saves the information digitally!

Whatever your choice, find a method that works for you and be consistent, as that is the key of success for every action in life.

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