Talking Lifestyle: How to avoid wasting store gift cards

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Kelly Landry and Clinton Maynard from The Weekender on Talking Lifestyle chat to personal concierge Heather Gibson with some great tips on how to avoid wasting store gift cards.

Can you relate to Kelly, who found 10 unused gift cards in her purse?

Australians are wasting literally tens of millions of dollars in unredeemed gift cards, resulting in around $70 million being wasted.

Gift cards are a fairly easy and generic gift to give someone when you’re not sure about their likes and dislikes, or what they currently have.

But once the cash is transferred into a card, it can often feel less like cash to the recipient or get lost/forgotten.

Woolworths have announced that they are going to abolish the expiry dates, which may seem like a more attractive proposition to many.  But this could be replaced with complacency over using the card. The adage of ask a busy person to get things done also works for timeframes – if you know there is no end date, will you ever get round to using the gift card?

Never waste another gift card again with these three tips:

  1. Put a date in your calendar to coincide with an event and use the card to purchase a gift
  2. Put it in your wallet or purse near your debit/credit or store rewards point card
  3. Use a gift card app to remind you like

If you tuck it away in a “safe place” chances are you will never use it, expiry date or not!

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