How can a concierge help?

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How can a concierge help you?

How can a concierge help you ?

You’ve heard the word concierge thrown around but you still unsure of how such a service could be utilised in your life?

Everyone has different soft points that give them stress,  it can be household chores such as washing, ironing, garden upkeep, cooking and childcare.

Others find not having the time or the inclination during a busy week to take clothes for repairs, research that holiday, plan upcoming events or the multitude of other errands that run through our head daily.

The search of finding a reliable tradesman is sometimes a mission and then he gives a block window time frame– who has 4 hours to sit around and wait? Finer Details have a reliable database of trades and services that are able to make specific bookings with our clients and in the event of an emergency will always call to advise.

Have a family member or friend who has an illness or recent hospital visit and needs running to appointments, shopping and medications purchased, general errands?

Some of the services we have assisted with in the past are:

  1. Small home make-overs and repairs where we source and supervise (when required) the service to ensure the work performed is as per our clients instructions.
  2. Shoe, jacket and bag repairs – dropping off and picking them up can be time consuming and inconvenient.
  3. Source recommended dog trainers and care facilities
  4. Client had emergency work trip and needed a someone to receive a delivery for him at his home and tend to plants as reticulation had not yet been installed
  5. Source, collect and deliver healthy pre-made meals for a busy professional
  6. Take car for vehicle repairs and service
  7. Wait in queues for products
  8. Attend sales, purchase Christmas gifts, school book and other shopping errands

These are just a few samples of the many tasks we are asked to perform for our regular and intermittent clients.

Time is precious and we can’t fit it all in so relax and delegate because our job is to help you.

The Finer Details team have an extensive database of services they can enlist for your tasks.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blogs for more Organisation Tips and Concierge Services or if you would like friendly professional help organising your life and home contact us now.

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