What are Concierge and Organising Services?

A Personal Concierge & Professional Organiser assists you restore order and organisation to your home and life.

As professional organisers we work with you to work help declutter and organise areas of your home or office that have become out of control.

Our concierge service is similar to a personal assistant, we can help you regain some balance by removing all those errands that you don’t enjoy or don’t have time to do, like research and wait for trades and services.

Having another pair of hands, your own personal shopper, errand service and all round organiser that takes care of all of the “life admin” that clutters minds and lives.

What will it cost?

An initial consultation is $75 + GST and our hourly is $100 + GST per hour. A choice of specialist packages are available on our Shop

We have been servicing Perth homes and offices for over 10 years and have the knowledge and experience to assist you

How does the process work?

We offer an obligation free consultation to discuss your needs, wants, time frame and budget.

Our Concierge service is charged in 15 minute increments with a minimum purchase of 1 hour and a 3.5 hour minimum for our organising packages.

The organising services is where we physically work with you to organise the space, showing you tips and hints as we go or we can work autonomously with guidelines set by you .

Top 5 responses from clients after using our Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Services.
  1. I am so grateful to have more time to spend with my family and friends.
  2. Now that I am organised I save time knowing where to put my hands on things instantly.
  3. I feel like a weight has been lifted with all those little jobs done that I just wasn’t getting to.
  4. Starting was the hardest part, and now I am so glad to have contacted you.
  5. It was a great feeling donating items that were just cluttering up my home. I will certainly think twice before purchasing items and ask myself, do I really need it?
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