Curtin Radio: Tiny Home Living

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Sara Hall joins Jason Jordon to discuss living in smaller spaces.

Many who are new to the housing market as well as baby boomers are jumping on board the idea of living in a smaller space.

The reduced cost of filling a smaller home with furnishings is appealing to new home owners.

The ability to ‘lock and leave’ so that they can travel and be maintenance free is a huge attraction for baby boomers.

Ridding themselves of clutter that has no real purpose in their lives.

Working out what we don’t need.

There can be a fear of getting rid of items, only to need them later.

If you weight up the percentage of items successfully removed from your life against the one item needed, most of the time it is still worth having decluttered.

If we keep too much, we are unlikely to be able to find a specific item when we need it.

Reducing physical clutter also reduces the clutter in your mind.

Sentimental items

Consider why you are keeping it.  Be honest about whether you are going to look at it or store it away at the back of a cupboard.

Look at the volume of items you are keeping, we are much more likely to enjoy and cherish a small amount of items.

Determining what is needed

When decluttering, it’s important to determine what is meaningful to you and what has a purpose.

Watch out for items that you have an attachment to but deep down you know you don’t really need or want.

“if you have too much stuff, you don’t own it, it owns you”


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