Curtin Radio: Australia’s Clutter Epidemic

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Heather Gibson joins Jenny Seaton to discuss the clutter Epidemic.

Having clutter in the home

Australian research shows nearly 90% of homes have one cluttered room and 59% of women said they have a room in the house that they don’t’ like visitors to see because of clutter.

People find that the overwhelm of having too much in their homes also plays on their mind.

Buying habits

Many of us are guilty of buying things we don’t need.  Often we can look at things in the sales and consider them a ‘bargain’.

Another issue can be when people look for solutions to their clutter problems, buying items thinking it will save them time or space  but don’t really have a plan on how it will eventuate.

The average Australian spends over $1200 a year on items that are never used.

Like sports equipment that ends up unused and being stored under  the bed.

The wardrobe can often hold clothes that still have the tags left on them; kitchen appliances received as gifts or purchased hoping it would save time with cooking only for it to left unused.


Memorabilia is a hard category to tackle, with the emotions attached to the items.

Diaries is a great example, think about how often they are referred to when considering whether to keep them.

Taking a digital photo of memorabilia to keep as a memory or use it as a piece of art work, rather than have the items stuck at the back of the wardrobe not being used or looked at.

How to get started

To get started with a declutter, choose one area or room and start small.

Allocate time and remove distractions.

If you come across items you want to reflect on, put them to the side to look at later.

Beware of having ‘help’ from someone who may not have the same ideals.  It’s better to work on your own or hire a professional organiser.

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