Our years of experience in assisting others in creating a happy, healthy home environment have given us the understanding to provide you with the following tips on how a lifestyle manager can assist you to

  1. Reduce Stress

  • Having an extensive To Do List and not feeling like anything is being actioned creates overwhelm. The knowledge that someone has your back and is taking care of the items on your task list brings peace of mind and a sense of control.  Ticking off your list of home maintenance and numerous errands  also gives a sense of achievement making the work days feel worthwhile.
  1. Support System

  •  We take the time to get to know you and therefore can proactively meet your needs. Finer Details become part of your team, we are the assistance you can count on when things don’t go as planned or the proverbial hits the fan. Having a good support network is imperative when navigating the pressures of modern day life and resulting in a happy, healthy home.
  1. Increased focus

  • The mental load that is carried is a heavy weight often and never seems to end, it interferes with the work you do and your downtime.  By outsourcing activities that you neither enjoy or have time for, you become free to concentrate on what you do and love.

Having some physical disabilities does not impede David from managing his local and interstate businesses,  but it has meant that his lovely wife Barbara has increased her workload. Being a right hand, driver and frequent travel buddy for his many work trips resulted in the home maintenance being put on the back burner, until Barbara found Finer Details.  Our lifestyle manager services seamlessly coordinate various service providers while they are out of town so they can have a happy, healthy home environment without the stress.

Karen and John work long hours and prefer to spend time with their family and friends when possible. Scheduling trades, following up and taking time off work to keep appointments interfere with their careers.  Knowing they have a service they can call on when the need arises takes the distraction out of their days.    We are familiar with their preferences,  preferred methods of contact and payment methods and they have the trust in knowing we always have reputable businesses manage their needs in a prompt time frame with the least amount of disruption.

Should you feel your lifestyle could benefit from our range of household services and personal concierge services we offer a free consultation to discuss your needs.