3AW Radio interview with Alan Pearsall

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3AW Radio interview with Alan Pearsall

Decluttering your garage or as some call it the “shed”  Sara Hall chats to Alan Pearsall on 3AW ‘Australian Overnight’ on the steps you need to take.

What happens when your garage becomes a dumping ground for ‘stuff’ you no longer need or want and there is no room for the car.

Boxes and containers and other belongings that haven’t been looked in for years…

Why do we feel the need to keep so much, that has no real value in our lives?

What category do your belongings fall into – Memorabilia, Just in case, Bargain or was it an Impulse purchases?

Professional Organisers give you the support and guidance needed as well as suggesting storage solutions that will fit your needs.

We help you to declutter by asking relevant questions and keeping you on track.

It’s important to not buy storage solutions until you have decluttered and know what you are keeping, that way you can  purchase the containers to suit the items you wish to keep.

Can’t go it alone? Then give us a call and we can help you on your way to becoming organised and clutter free.


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