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I have a dislike for wire hangers, not in the obsessive Joan Crawford sense but more a general dislike of what I deem as a useless wardrobe product.

They bend, get tangled and do absolutely nothing for your clothes to keep them shape and not make indents and marks, not to mention they are can be dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong wire hangers have multiple uses and are a cheap option for most dry cleaners,  but please transfer your clothing when you get it home to something more suitable.

Our alternative suggestions are:

  1. Flocked hangers – great for being non slip and slim line. Use for all light to medium weight clothing
  2. Wooden hangers – good for heavy jackets and knitwear (add some foam with elastic bands for added padding for knits)
  3. Clamp hangers – if you have the wardrobe space these are used for skirts and pants
  4. Belt hanger – you need to see what you have so you will use them
  5. Pocket storage – ideal for scarves, camisoles

Removing  your wire hangers all at once can be expensive so maybe try a pack at a time and this will give you an ideal opportunity to declutter and organise your wardrobe.

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