Will this item become clutter?

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Are these shoes clutter?Ever wondered how you end up with stuff?  Items come into our possession on a daily basis, whether we are given it, find it or buy it – brochures,  paperwork, books, clothes, memorabilia, products, samples, linen, furniture, pictures, ornaments, tools…the list is endless.

If we allow everything to stay, we can end up with a mountain of stuff that is not needed or we don’t want, in other words clutter!

If this is an issue for you, here are some simple quick questions to ask yourself as these items materialise:

    1. What will this item be used for and when will I use it?  Watch out for that ‘Just in case’ response
    2. Do I already have one?  If yes, why do I really need another one, will I get rid of the original one?
    3. Where will I keep this item – determine a home for it straight away?  If it is something I use regularly, it needs to be close at hand.  If not, it needs to be with like-minded items so that I remember where to find it.
    4. What would happen if I didn’t keep this item, what would be the impact?
    5. Does this item support who I am or is it holding me back – does it make me healthier, happier…?
    6. Does it warrant taking up valuable space in my home or office?

Let go of things you don't need

        Keep what is truly important to you and let go of the rest!


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