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You may not have an excess of space, or the luxury of a well designed wardrobe space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be organised, but first you must do a wardrobe detox.

We all have had moments where we stare blankly into the wardrobe and although there are hangers and shelves full, nothing inspires us and we wear the same things over and over.

Sorting your space can help you see clearly what is there and what may need purchasing next time you go shopping and possibly avoid impulse purchases that you never use.

Firstly start with putting all “like” items together, shorts with shorts, long sleeves with long sleeves etc… The next step is to colour group.  Now you will see exactly how many long sleeve black tops you really own !

As you find items that need repairing or no longer able to be worn, remove them to another spot until you can deal with them accordingly. Don’t take up valuable space with things you don’t or won’t wear.  You could also donate to organisations such as Ready to Work  a fantastic not for profit organisation who assist the needy with clothes for interviews and possibly a new job.

For the hanging items, when you put the clothes back into the wardrobe face all the coat hangers in the one direction. As you wear each piece return the coat hanger in the opposite direction, that way after the season is finished you will see what you actually wear and what can be given or thrown away.

If you struggle with hanging space, use a thinner coat hanger, preferably not wire as they leave lumps and bumps in your clothes. If you are unable to find thin felt or foam hangers, putting elastic bands on the ends of plastic hangers will stop clothes from sliding off.

Over the door pocket organisors can be used for bags, shoes, stockings, scarfs, tank tops, jewelery and the list goes on. Only limited by your individual needs and imagination.

Shoes quite often end up in the bottom of your robe space in a mess. Clear storage containers for easy viewing can be purchased for only a few dollars and will keep your foot wear in an organised fashion. Foam pool noodles can be cut and placed into boots to keep them upright until next winter.

There are some great storage products at Howard’s Storage World and IKEA to help with small spaces.

Now  your wardrobe is organised hopefully you will have found some forgotten treasures

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