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With each changing season we should be evaluating our clothes and conduct a mini wardrobe declutter. Remove those pieces that we no longer wear or fit or that may have some mending required.

Clothes – we have them for relaxing, sports, going out, corporate…the list goes on and with styles also often changing it’s easy to let our wardrobes get out of control.

Although I don’t have a lot of clothes, I recently became aware that I was wearing clothes that I didn’t even like!  For the sole reason, that they were in good condition, fitted and simply there.

So I did a radical de-clutter of my wardrobe which left me with even fewer clothes, but ones I felt good in.  If you have ever been to one of my workshops, I talk about letting go of the things we no longer need or want to make room for the future.   Case in point, about 2 weeks later a funny thing happened, out of the blue with no birthday or celebration in sight I received two big vouchers for David Jones and Myer

And with this set the ball in motion of looking at my image and what suits my figure.  Enter the lovely Alba from Alba Gomez Image Consultancy.  Check out the below video to find out how Alba helped me and how she can help you….

Click here to watch

Simply contact Finer Details if you want friendly professional help organising your home, and Alba Gomez for all your personal and professional style needs.

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