Videos – our services

Finer Details offer a range of unique personal services and invite you to watch the below videos to help you decide if we are the right fit for your needs.

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Finer Details Personal Concierge Services

As your Finer Details Personal Concierge, we are able to take a range of tasks off your hands.

From running errands, researching products or services, to sourcing and greeting trades.


Finer Details Organising Consultation

Our Finer Details Organising Consultation is a cost effective solution if you would like to get organised at your own pace, in your own time.

We use our many years of experience to suggest organising solutions and systems to suit you.

Finer Details Declutter and Organising Sessions

With our Finer Details Organising Session, you will have two experienced declutter and organising consultants actively working alongside you to organise your space.

Finer Details Accountability Session

Would you like guidance and support in your organising journey?

Our Finer Details Accountability program is customised to your needs.  We work with you for 3 months, with monthly meetings and weekly accountability sessions to help you keep on track.

Finer Details Gift Packages

Our Finer Details Gift Package is the perfect gift to take away some of the everyday stresses, it is practical and thoughtful.