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February 14th can either be a gentle reminder to show affection or the feeling of overwhelming stress from the retail nirvana that explodes at this time of year.

Valentine’s Day as it is named, creates angst to many as their perceived partners expectations fill them with dread.

One day filled with so much pressure, but only if you let it.  Getting back to the simple things in life not only saves your wallet but makes you really think of the occasion, the recipient and what you would like to convey.

As much as we all love flowers, does a bunch of red roses really say “I Love You” or does it say, ran out of ideas so I called a florist?

  • For a busy Mum/Dad, giving them a couple of hours out of the house on her/his own may be showing them that you are in tune with their needs.
  • Someone who travels may like their garden tidied or some plants to liven up a neglected area.
  • Partners could possibly appreciate a commitment of taking a class together or some other activity that has been put on the back burner.

There are a hundred simple and possibly cheesy ways to display your affection. Valentine’s Day is like many other days we celebrate throughout the year, it is a reminder in our busy lives to stop and think about those we share our time with and remind them and ourselves of their presence.

The end result is not about money, it is TIME and EFFORT that is what we need to show those we care about.  Enjoy the day and remember any gift given from the heart is perfect.

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