Unnecessary kitchen utensils.

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You can only flip one egg, core one apple or stir one pot at a time, so why do we accumulate so many duplicate and unnecessary kitchen utensils?

The only things there should be possible double ups of are tongs, because we all love a good BBQ and they can be used for cooking and serving a multitude of things, and of course salad servers, but if you want to be really minimalist you could substitute with spoons/forks.

Open any kitchen utensil drawer and you will see items that even the owner probably doesn’t know the purpose of! So let’s get started on Decluttering.

Take everything out and put it on the bench. Now put aside the items you use all the time.

Now the hard part! – When did you last use the melon baller, icing bag, corn holders?  Be honest and brutal, if they haven’t seen the light of day in 6 months chances are they won’t. Put those items to one side also.

Chances are by now you have a third pile of maybes!  Decluttering isn’t about getting rid of everything it is about being realistic about what you need in your home and life, so if there are things you are not quite ready to part with, maybe put them in a container in the cupboard until you are ready to make a firm decision about whether they stay or go.

Now when you place items back, ensure you are putting like items together so next time you need your whisk or can opener you know exactly where to find it.

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