The Ultimate Spring Clean

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The Ultimate Spring Clean

Spring Clean with the Marie Kondo method of decluttering.  Marie is taking the world by storm we are reading more and more articles on the collection of stuff and how to tidy up our homes and lives.

Often we don’t remember how it happens, before we know it the rooms and the cupboards are full, it’s as if it multiplies once we close the doors.

We add sheds, attic space, more cupboards, plastic tubs anything we can find to house the multitude of items we feel we need or keep just in case!

A famous quote from the movie Fight Club’s Tyler Durden was right: the things you own end up owning you

So where and what is your weakness, are you a collector of greeting cards, unwanted gifts, crafts & hobbies, sports equipment, cooking utensils, clothing or all of the above?

Time to take action and clear the clutter.

  1. Start with your worse space, that way you will see the biggest result the quickest
  2. Sort items into categories – electronics, games, clothing, books, paperwork etc.
  3. When all areas of the space have been sorted you now can see how much of each category you own
  4. Now for the fine tuning of each group – handle each item and place in the donate, keep or bin tubs you have ready
  5. Don’t justify keeping items that you don’t love or have no purpose in your life
  6. Remove donate and bin items as quickly as possible so they don’t creep back into your home.

Even the Scott Pape the Barefoot Investor is recommending “it is time to liberate ourselves from the excess and by unclogging your life it will give you a huge return in mental clarity”

Life is about experiences and relationships not about stuff – it is time to let it go

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