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The recent upset to my travel plans got me thinking about the pros and cons of Travel Agent vs DIY holiday bookings.

I have always made local, intrastate and basic (A to B) overseas bookings myself, anything that involves a few time zones and different countries I usually pass on to a travel agent as the thought of having flight or accommodation issues overseas isn’t an experience I wish to have.  Once having to rush madly through an overseas airport that was being renovated so the signage and information was limited to catch a connecting flight was not my idea of holiday fun as I am always the one likes to be somewhere well and truly before I need to be.

Like many others I was affected by the ash cloud saga that reigned in Bali recently. The DIY booking process earlier this year sitting on the couch with the laptop was fairly easy.

  • Pick a date
  • Confirm holiday leave for husband
  • Book flights
  • Book accommodation
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • Book driver to collect us from the airport

But when things go pear shaped you have to keep an eye on the updates and make the decision whether to do all this to do in the reverse as well as see if your bookings would allow cancellations or change of dates & arrangements.

When you are busy these hiccups can result in spending hours on the phone feeling frustrated, not ending up with the results you would like and the potential of being out of pocket as well.

One benefit of having a travel agent handle your bookings is that it is one call to them to sort out all the details and advise you of the results once things are sorted. Especially if you are overseas and communication is an issue it would be a comfort to know they are experienced to deal with all manner of crisis.

Fortunately everything other than not being able to be on holiday, worked out fine so the question is…… How much do you value your time if things don’t go as planned?

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