Top Tips for DVD storage

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Top Tips for DVD storage

After having been overseas and stocking up on various CD’s & DVD’s it is most probably time to declutter and put into place some top tips for DVD storage.

How many times do you actually look and listen to your collection now ?

With all the avenues open to most, pay TV, live streaming, YouTube, free to air, phones, tablets, laptops and the list goes on, is your collection taking up valuable real estate in your home?

So unless they are classics, favourites or must have box set, the time to scale down your collection has come.

Where to start:

  1. Grab a couple of big boxes/tubs depending on the size of your collection. One for rubbish and one for charity, you may also want to have a separate pile for friends or family but spare a thought that they most probably have their own collections to deal with, they may not want any additions.
  2. Be ruthless, have you ever watched or listened to it, is it damaged, have you more than one copy ?
  3. If you have family VHS tapes you might want to look at getting them converted on to disks for longevity

Tips for storage:

  1. Storage should be in a cool spot and not somewhere that gets direct sun and or heat
  2. Glove compartments or centre car consoles should only be temporary spots and not used on extreme heat days
  3. Store upright (book style) in an original case or replacement cases can be purchased from a relatively affordable cost
  4. Label – if writing on the CD/DVD use a non-solvent felt tip permanent marker. If on the case label the binder and the front.
  5. Handle disks by the outer edge or the centre hole to prevent damage

Now you should have just the CD/DVD collection that will be used and appreciated and not a mass of entertainment you no longer find useful

The Finer Details team are a wealth of knowledge on all manner of storage solutions and tips.

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