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Whether it be for a weekend away or the holiday of a lifetime,  most of us generally take way too much or unsuitable items. Here are my top packing tips.

Firstly you need to consider:

  • How long you will be away
  • Type of trip – Are there special functions/events that will require specific clothing (evening dress, corporate function, sporting activities etc.)
  • The climate at your destination
  • Then make a list of essentials

Now comes the scary part.  Everything you have laid out needs to be scrutinized.  With each item carefully assess whether you will actually use/wear it or is it a “just in case” piece that can really be left at home, saving room in your luggage for maybe some holiday purchases.

Of course you want to be sensible by not needlessly spending and bringing home items you already have. You will be surprised at how resourceful and adapt you can become with very little and if travelling with others, consider sharing a few bits and pieces.

You will appreciate the flexibility and freedom that taking less luggage gives you.  Carting and keeping track of multiple pieces of luggage is time consuming and exhausting.

Some of my favourite tips are:

  1. For ladies a pashmina is the ultimate travel item regardless of where you are going.  It can be rolled up and used as a pillow, a throw when you are travelling, protection from the sun/wind, a screen if you need some privacy, something to sit on if required and so much more.
  2. Pick a base colour theme, that way you can maximise your outfit combinations.
  3. Shoes – Two pairs should be your absolute maximum.  One pair of shoes for day/walking and the other for evening/dressy.  Shoes weigh down your bag as well as take up too much room so really consider trying to add to the number. There can be the additional possibility of a pair of thongs for the shower and for to and from the pool. Which take up very little space or weight.
  4. Cube it. There is lots of great packing items available but the folder and cubes from the likes of Eagle Creek  take packing organisation to a whole new level. Less wrinkles and able to put your hands on anything in your bag in an instant.
  5. Take miniatures of your cosmetics and toiletries.  This way you can either refill on the trip of buy some top ups to last until you are home.
  6. Tech items – yes you want to stay in touch and photograph your journey but don’t spend the whole time in front of a screen or behind a lens that you miss the beauty of where ever you are and who you are with.  Limit these as they also weigh you down and can be easily lost or stolen.

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