Top 5 things to take when travelling

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The top 5 things to take when travelling – we all pack way too much, so here are our  non clothing items to pack when going away for a weekend or longer

Top 5 items to pack when travelling:

  • Headphones and/or ear plugs – noise cancelling headphones are our tip for ensuring you can sleep, read, watch or listen to your choices without interruption
  • Hand sanitising wipes – plane tray tables have been reported as the worst place to pick up germs when traveling. They can also be used to freshen up between showers
  • Small torch – waking up in an unfamiliar place can be disorientating if you have had a long trip. Leave it next to where you sleep so you can quickly get your bearings
  • Pashmina or similar – these can be used as a blanket, picnic rug, towel, head wear, pillow and much more…..
  • Collapsible water bottle – staying hydrated is a must especially when traveling

Tips to prepare for travelling:

  • Take a picture on your phone of your passport and travel documents for easy reference
  • We suggest leaving a copy of your travel details, insurance and passport with a friend or family member for safety while you are away
  • Register on the Smart Traveller website

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