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You have a small courtyard or a back veranda where you keep your potted plants but it looks cluttered and untidy and needs a mini makeover.

  • Start by clearing an area away from where you want to display your plants
  • Sort them by how much water/sun they require
  • Put them height order

Once they are sorted you can give the zone they are going back to a good sweep and tidy up.

This is also a great time to re-pot and trim any that need a bit of attention

Cluster like-minded plants together with taller at the back and smaller at the front to give a lush look to each area. If you don’t have tall plants, use empty upturned pots for underneath to add extra height, these can be useful for drainage as well if you don’t have the pot elevated by other means.

Another way to store empty pots is to put the potted plants inside them until they are needed, if they are old, broken or not liked this is an ideal time to remove them and donate or throw away.

Hanging your pots or attaching them to a wall can also add interest to an otherwise bland spot also using tables, chairs or other items to stand pots on can give the area some character.

Don’t think your pots all have to match either by style colour or size, gardens should show your personality.  Use old kitchen items, buckets and boots.  If you can’t drill holes make sure you place rocks or gravel at the bottom for drainage.

Potted plants can be great screens for unsightly hoses, taps, pipes and other hardware that is sometimes on show in our space.

Try to add colour and different types of foliage to your selection to add variety and interest

Once they are all in place, give a dose of fertiliser and a good watering, then sit back and enjoy. For more information on how to arrange your plants read here….

Or for some image inspiration try Pinterest

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