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Do you have a spare bedroom and if you do, what does it look like?  is it filled with the overflow from the laundry and other rooms in your home ?

Now that my husband and I are empty-nesters we have two spare rooms and one currently houses the excess from our youngest son’s home after a recent move, I am sure he will come to get it soon, won’t he?

The other has a spare bed and my ironing basket as it is the one household task  I really struggle with and always have, so I get to it when the basket is full.  But I am very conscious not to fill these rooms with any excess stuff from other parts of the house and turn them into junk rooms .

When you get to a point that you have excess stuff it is time for a declutter.

Rules for spare rooms:

  • Really analyse why you are storing the item – will you actually use/need it in the future
  • Can it be stored elsewhere ? Perhaps in the garage or shed!
  • How often will you need to access it ?
  • Could that space be better utilised for another purpose?
  • How often is the room used for guests and will you need to move these items often ?

I have always visioned that my spare bedroom would house one of those wall beds where you only need to pull it out for when guests visit and for most of us that is only a few times a year if that.

The remainder of the room I would love to house some great storage cabinets purpose built for things that don’t currently fit or warrant space in my office like birthday cards, paper and gifts, photos and some memorabilia.

Think about the valuable real estate in your home and use it wisely. We don’t need bigger homes, what we need is to rethink why we are keeping the things we do, what purpose do they serve in our life and do they bring us joy?

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