Social media overwhelm and how to control it

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Social media overwhelm

There are few people in our society now that are not on and/or addicted to some type of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the main culprits but there are many more mediums out there.

How do you control the time spent on these social media platforms without it taking over your life and leaving you little time for real socialising?

Analysis of your social media habit:
  1. Keep a weekly record of approx. how much time you are spending using social media
  2. Does this time interfere with other forms of contact – in person, talking on the phone/skype?
  3. What do you wish you had more time to do?
  4. Are you present when with others?

I am no counselor but I think the answers will be obvious to you when you sit back and take stock.

Solutions to curb social media habit:
  • Limit your social media profiles – just pick a couple to be active on and delete the other accounts.
  • Give yourself blocks of time where you want to be online. For example, if you commute on public transport every day.
  • If you are a business, outsource your social media. Finer Details has successfully outsourced ours with an overseas VA
  • Make rules when you are with friends or family to not use your phone
  • Put your phone in the back seat or boot of your car while driving
  • Don’t take your phone to meetings or appointments
  • Reduce the number of friends, contact, pages you follow – go for quality over quantity
  • Have technology free time. This is especially beneficial prior to sleep for a restful night sleep
  • Start a new hobby/habit. Go for a morning walk, read or pick up the phone and call someone
  • Have the x 3 rule – when it gets to 3 texts, 3 emails, 3 comments on a post – pick up the phone and call

Do I need public gratification that I made a cake, walked the dog or saw a sunrise?

Yes, it is nice to share milestones in our lives with people that we may not see often or that possibly live far away.   But these can be even more special if the recipients haven’t been bombarded with other information prior.

Take back your free time and remember that social media platforms are created to make money and care little about YOU or your time management.


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